How an Ohio-based company increased employee engagement through their first experiential marketing event

One local client, with offices statewide, wanted to bring their staff of over 1,000 employees together for the very first time. BrandWell was tasked to create a themed experiential event strategy to engage employees and build morale. 
BrandWell organized a large All Employee Meeting. Prior to the event employees received teaser and informational email blasts, read inner-office posters and were given event branded gear – to build excitement and anticipation, essential in the pre-event build up. These elements carried the essential event messaging and created excitement and engagement critical to the success of the event itself and employee morale beyond the day. The event organized for over 1,000 people was interactive and participatory, engaging multiple senses and included elements of competition for team building.
The best measure of success in experiential marketing is the amount of dialogue it promotes. Here are some of the post-event employee quotes:
  • “This was a fantastic event. I felt so appreciated, thank you for investing in us!”
  • “Much of my team works remotely. This meeting gave us an opportunity to gather together and celebrate a fantastic year of effort and accomplishments!”