How a large healthcare provider improved ad click-through rates 56%

When a healthcare provider realized there was untapped potential in their digital marketing, BrandWell jumped in to find opportunities for optimization. The assignment: increase site traffic and track visitor quality—all within the client’s existing budget.
After an initial audit, BrandWell found a number of ways to improve the PPC campaign by:
  • tightening keyword targeting
  • implementing conversion tracking
  • maximizing impression share for top keywords to help drive clicks and conversions
  • bidding optimizations to help lower cost per click (CPC), increase traffic and conversions plus maintain or improve cost per acquisition
  • adding ad extensions to help improve click-through rate (CTR) and lower CPC
Compared to the previous year, the client experienced stable ad position between positions 1 and 2, increased conversion month-over-month, decreased CPA as well as the following results:
  • increased Adwords impression and click traffic by 178% (client increased budgets during this period)
  • 56% increase in CTR
  • CPC decrease, on average, 28% for search campaigns; 29% for display ads