How a Managed Care Plan increased membership renewals by 28%

With automatic re-enrollment no longer an option, recipients statewide were losing coverage—often without even realizing it. That’s when one Managed Care Plan came to BrandWell for a program that could help drive membership retention.
It was time to overhaul their renewal efforts by contacting members in a direct and compelling way. After some investigation, BrandWell crafted a series of reminders—delivered in carefully chosen intervals–that compelled members to re-enroll before their benefits ended. Strategy and creative implementation included automated calling scripts, personalized reminder letter and infographic postcard.
The newly enhanced re-enrollment campaign paid off. Less than a month after it began, statewide membership retention rates increased and continued to grow by nearly 28% after three months. The latest monthly numbers show a re-enrollment rate of 89%.
In many cases, the challenges and goals of small businesses may differ from those of large businesses.
The goals will be ones that you need to hit in order to efficiently grow and achieve the vision you lay out.